The Website Installer inside our Premium Hosting Service Online Control Panel gives you an easy method to generate a brand–new website with a custom design in under a few minutes. It merely requires simply four simple steps for your new site to be online. You can actually make a choice from more than two hundred readily available web site templates and just as soon as everything is all set, you’ll be able to maintain your brand–new website with ease. We’re going to send you logon details for the administrator’s area and you will be able to start incorporating completely new pages immediately. If, at any time, you need further instructions – Premium Hosting Service’s tech team members can be found 24x7, all set to aid you.

The Website Installer is obtainable each shared website hosting, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers bundle coming with the Premium Hosting Service Online Control Panel.

A Fast Webpage Installation Tool

Publish your brand–new web site with a click

If you are not familiar with site coding, it may be difficult if you want to control a site setup all by yourself – should you not utilize point & click site construction instruments like Premium Hosting Service’s fast Website Installer that’s incorporated into the Online Control Panel. To employ the application, you simply need to select a layout web template for use on your website and afterwards install it with only a mouse click. No need to have any kind of coding knowledge to jumpstart your web site. You can include brand new webpages and submit text content and images to them truly effectively. If you don’t like the modification you’ve made you can revert it and repeat the process. It’s all really simple to control.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Website Themes to select from

Choose the best style for your website

With the Online Control Panel, you will find a variety of custom themes for use on your individual or enterprise site. Regardless of whether you want to get started with your very own blog, community site or even a enterprise profile, there exists a ready made layout option to suit your needs that you could additionally modify to your taste.

Premium Hosting Service’s designers are designing completely new styles, so we will be updating our assortment all the time.

200+ Free Templates

Get In Touch with Us day and night for Advice

Our technical representatives on duty 24 hours

We’ve been in the hosting marketplace for several years now and have a department of skilled specialists to help you with just about any challenge you could epxerience with your site(s). At the same time, you can easily check Premium Hosting Service’s Commonly Asked Questions and the fantastic number of how–to training videos that cover the usually enquired queries and give answers to the most prevalent issues. Using our one–hour answer–back time period guarantee that we reduce to twenty min’s in non–busy hours, you’ll get appropriate assistance all the time.

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